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Most may have traveled abroad, others went back to their families in their home countries, and some stayed in our small and quiet city, but that didn't mean the children in Ruwais City couldn't enjoy their summer.



New friends, sports, and skills were just some of the things the kids took home with them as Ruwais City Unit arranged and sponsored the 2018 Ruwais City Summer Camp. There was basketball, football, table tennis and SWIMMING (which all the kids enjoyed) classes. They also leaned to play billiards, squash, and do a little KARATE! Aside from these physical activities, the young ones also had religious lectures and library hours to nourish their minds and spirit.


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Closing Ceremony was held last Monday, 13th of August, for the boys and Tuesday, 14th of August for Girls at the Cinema Hall in Al Hosn Recreation Center wherein the certificates were distributed and everyone celebrated with the traditional cutting of cake.

Did you miss out on these activities? Don't worry, Ruwais City Unit will surely host another community gathering and event soon! Keep posted on our Instagram and twitter pages and just visit RuwaisLife.com for more of the news and what's happening in the City.